Executive Assistant

Finalist in Android Developers Challenge 2

Executive Assistant provides an all-in-one interface for quickly reviewing your:
Use in any of 4 modes:
  • Lock Screen: Use as a lock screen replacement to preview all of your stuff without going thru the hassle of unlocking the phone. You choose which info is safe to show on the lock screen.
  • Welcome Screen: Instant on immediately after unlocking the phone. Don't pattern lock your phone? Give this mode a try for instant access to your info.
  • Home Screen Widget: 'always on' interface wherever you want it.  
    • Use a full-widget that includes a preview area. Available in all sizes from 3x2 up to 4x4 with three available themes: Classic, Sense-like and Glass. The images on the right show the 4x2 widget in each theme.
    • Or use a single-row icons-only widget that simply shows the app icons with counts, available in 1x1 thru 4x1 sizes.
  • Normal app: Of course, you can simply use as a normal app too.
Full-widgets are scrollable on Honeycomb and for launchers that support version 2 of the scrollable widgets extension, such as: ADW, Launcher+, Go and Zeam (but not Launcher Pro since it uses version 1).

In every mode: launch apps, return missed calls, dial voicemail (or optionally choose to launch Google Voice, Visual Voicemail or any other voicemail app).
Reply to SMS messages directly from the Welcome Screen or Lock Screen, without unlocking (if you enable this option).
Host your favorite widgets in lock screen, welcome screen, or normal app modes.

The background image will be the same as your home screen wallpaper (including live wallpapers). Customize the color and transparency of the text displays in all modes. Optionally use a custom icon for any tab.

Integrates with TouchDown by NitroDesk so you can view your corporate Exchange email, events and tasks in Executive Assistant.

Executive Assistant is currently available in Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Polish and Spanish.  
If you would like to help translate this app to another language, please visit  http://www.getlocalization.com/executive_assistant.  If you don't see your language listed, please email support@appventive.com and we will get it added.