Why does it always say "authorizing credit card" when I install an update? Am I being charged for updates?!
The Market is run by Google.  We don't have any control over this and we don't know why it does that.  However, please rest assured that all updates are FREE.  Your card will not be charged for updates.

Are you able to follow-up on bug reports or questions from rating comments?
Unfortunately, no.  We don't have any way of following up on problems or questions left in rating comments.  If you have a problem or a question, PLEASE email us.  We love getting questions and bug reports from users.  We can only fix the bugs that we know about and there is almost never enough information in a brief rating comment to know what is going on.

I'm having trouble downloading the app I purchased on the Android Market. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, no.  The Market is actually run entirely by Google - we don't have anything to do with the downloads.  However, download problems are usually due either to temporary connection problems, or to a problem processing your credit card. If its a connection problem, simply try again later. If its a problem with processing your credit card, Google will have sent you an email explaining the issue. However, these emails frequently get stuck in people's spam folders.  You may want to check there to see if you have anything from Google.  

I have Android 2.2, why can't I install my app to the SD card?
Unfortunately, the app to SD card feature is only suitable for some types of apps.  In particular, it will not work for Executive Assistant, ICE, or Motion & Sound Alarm because these apps all have home screen widgets and services.  For more details on which apps can and cannot be installed on the SD card visit: http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/install-location.html#ShouldNot.

Executive Assistant

Does Executive Assistant work with hosted Google Apps accounts?

Does Executive Assistant work with Exchange email?
Yes, if you use TouchDown or Enhanced Email.  Some people can also access their accounts using K-9 Email or Kaiten Mail.

Does Executive Assistant work with Exchange calendar?
Yes, if you have Android 2.2 or later, or if you use Motorola's Corporate Calendar app, or if you use TouchDown.

ICE: In Case of Emergency

I want the ICE button on the system lock screen.  Why do I need a special ICE lock screen?
We would LOVE to offer an option to put an ICE button on the system lock screen, but its simply not possible with the current version of Android.

Why does an app like ICE need so many updates?
Updates usually include new features that other users have requested. Occasionally, updates will include bug fixes or changes needed to support new Android versions or devices. Note that not all updates will be useful to all users. In fact, if you're happy with the way ICE is working for you, you really don't need to install every update. Though you may want to install them every once in a while just to be sure you don't miss out on new features that you may be interested in. Look in "About & What's new" for a list of new and recent changes (we also announce any significant changes at http://twitter.com/Appventive).

Regarding update frequency: generally updates will be at least 1 week apart (if not more). In very rare cases we may discover and fix a high priority bug that warrants an immediate update, no matter how recent the last update was.

Why does ICE always run in the background? Is it snooping on me?
The ICE lock screen needs a small background process to listen for screen on/off broadcasts from the system. Except when it receives these broadcasts, its not "running" anything at all -- its just sleeping waiting for the screen to turn on/off.

Regarding "snooping": no, of course not. In fact, background processes can't even "see" your screen or keyboard, and are completely blind to everything else happening on your phone without the proper permissions. See below for a list of all of the permissions used by ICE and why we need them.

Why does ICE need so many permissions?
Here are all of the permissions used by ICE and why we need them:

android.permission.READ_CONTACTS - you can simply look up emergency contacts without having to enter them manually

android.permission.CALL_PHONE - call emergency contacts directly from app (even when phone is locked - see below)

android.permission.DISABLE_KEYGUARD - allow ICE to work while phone is locked

android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - start lock screen service automatically after reboot (note that the service doesn't actually "do" anything - its just there to listen for screen on/off broadcasts from the system).

android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - prevent the ICE lock screen from starting when you receive a phone call

android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS - play nicely with apps like SMS popup that also want to run "locked" (i.e., the ICE lock screen will shut down briefly if you receive a SMS/MMS)

android.permission.GET_TASKS - play nicely with various alarm clock apps (again, ICE lock screen "turns off" when a supported alarm is running)

android.permission.WAKE_LOCK - temporarily keep the phone awake when the screen turns on (no more than a few seconds) to ensure proper function of ICE lock screen

android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - backup the ICE database to your SD card