Motion & Sound Alarm

Triggered by motion and/or sound, three alarm modes to choose from:
  • Audible Alarm:  Warn of someone trying to sneak into your hotel-, dorm-, or bedroom while you are sleeping.  Or, just for fun, substitute your own sound file for the alarm sound and prank your friends. 
  • Phone Call:  Call a second phone and catch someone in the act.  By default, the person receiving the call will be able to hear what's happening near the phone, but the person who triggered the alarm will not hear anything.  You can optionally enable the speakerphone if you want the person who triggered the alarm to hear the call.
  • Location Tracking:  Securely track your phone on the web using Google Maps.
Optionally control the alarm remotely using text messages.  For example, you could remotely trigger the tracking mode should anyone steal your phone.

Use the event log to see the date, time and trigger type of recent alarms (optionally, run in log-only mode).
 Alarm remains armed even when the phone is sleeping.  Optional stealth mode allows the alarm to remain armed even after you press HOME.
Optionally arm & disarm the alarm using a home screen widget.